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Custom Aluminum Gunnel Tank

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Custom Aluminum Gunnel Tank

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Custom Aluminum Gunnel Tank

Pictured is a tank used in the gunnels of a high performance V-bottom boat. This style tank mounts on the bulkhead making installation easy.

IMCO's custom aluminum fuel tanks are made to fit your needs. We have over 30 years of experience in assisting marine manufactures (as well as the individual consumer) throughout the western United States. We use or unique race-proven methods to build a tank to your specifications.

Our unmatched welding process allows for maximum strength. We use seam welding to proven stress on the surface of the tank. The ends of our tanks are tig welded (heliarc) for maximum fill and penetration.

IMCO's welded baffle process is unmatched in the marine industry. We employ an exclusive double-skinned procedure which ensures maximum tank strength. And prior to shipment, each IMCO tank is pressure tested to ensure safe-guard against leaks.

Note in the photographs throughout this section, we use radius bends to eliminate surface cracking in materials normally caused by sharp bends.

How to Order

Click this link to download a pdf form on How To Order a custom gunnel tank. Gunnel Tank Order Form



The fuel tank covered by this warranty was produced by IMCO (Inman Marine Corporation), and it is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of its first consumer sale, whether by IMCO or by any other marine products dealer or seller.

LIMITATIONS: This warranty is expressly conditioned upon the tank having been properly installed and under proper usage for which the tank was intended. The terms of this warranty shall not apply to any case where any unauthorized repair or work has been done upon the tank.

IMCO fuel tanks are designed strictly for pleasure craft purposes only. Any tanks used in crafts other than for pleasure purposes will not be covered in any way under this written warranty as set forth herein, and IMCO in no way will be liable or responsible for any damages.
It is expressly provided that IMCO shall not be responsible for consequential inconvenience, injury, or damages; and that no warranty, expressed or implied, other than this written warranty is made or authorized by IMCO.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, some states do not allow certain limitations, or exclusions may not apply when the laws of such states are controlling. Furthermore, this warranty gives the buyer specific legal rights, and the buyer may also have additional rights which vary from state to state.

WARRANTER PROMISES: In the event that the fuel tank, to which this warranty applies, fails to comply with the terms of the warranty set forth above, IMCO agrees to either replace or repair any part or parts which are defective in materials or workmanship, or IMCO agrees to refund an amount not in excess of the factory purchase price of said part or parts. The decision as to which of the foregoing remedies is allowed shall be made in the sole discretion of IMCO upon the following principles: IMCO will in all cases elect to either repair or replace such a part or parts unless

a) IMCO is unable to provide a replacement and/or repair is not commercially practical or cannot be timely made, or

b) IMCO and the consumer mutually agree upon a refund as set forth above, except as provided hereafter with respect to certain allowable cost incident to replacement or repair, and with respect to the remedy for a defective sender. The foregoing shall be the exclusive remedy offered by IMCO under this warranty.

The sending unit has a one year limited warranty. IMCO will replace any defective senders within this time frame at no charge. However, IMCO will not pay for or be liable for any labor costs incurred.

PROCEDURE FOR CLAIMS: Claims under this warranty must be made directly to IMCO,
Inman Marine Corporation - ATTN: Warranty Claims Dept.
510 East Arrow Highway, San Dimas, CA 91773
Telephone No.: (909) 592-6162

PROCEDURE (A): A consumer may write or call directly to IMCO in order to describe the nature of the claim, or

PROCEDURE (B): A consumer may present his/her claim to the dealer from which he/she purchased the IMCO product (or to any other IMCO dealer). In order for a claim, made in this manner, to be recognized by IMCO, the dealer must make an inspection of the work necessary to remedy the defect. He/she then must write or phone IMCO with a report of the inspection.

When a claim has come to the attention of IMCO in either manner as set forth above, the consumer or dealer must give the date the tank was manufactured and the date the boat was purchased. IMCO will at this point determine whether the claim is covered by the warranty as set forth herein, and IMCO reserves the exclusive right to make this determination.

If the claim is covered by warranty and the consumer has followed procedure (A) above, IMCO will instruct the consumer either to send the defective merchandise to IMCO, freight collect, or to deliver the defective product to a specific authorized IMCO dealer, who shall be informed of the work which IMCO will perform under the warranty, or to pursue such other reasonable course of action at the expense of IMCO, which IMCO in its sole discretion shall deem most practical in satisfying its obligations hereunder.

PROCEDURE (C): If the consumer desires, the following additional claims procedure is available, but the burden of all costs incurred pursuant thereto, prior to approval of the claim by IMCO, must be borne by the consumer, who is subject to possible limited reimbursement as set forth hereafter. Under this procedure, the consumer must return the defective product directly to IMCO freight prepaid. If upon receipt of the defective product, IMCO approves the warranty claim, IMCO will replace or repair the product and return it to the consumer freight prepaid, along with the reimbursement of the initial freight cost incurred by the consumer.

NOTE: Under all three of the claims procedures set forth above, IMCO will not pay for, or reimburse the cost of, repair work or other labor (including labor with respect to tank removal) unless prior authorization for such service has been granted by IMCO. Under the limitations of this warranty set by IMCO, IMCO fuel tanks cannot be tampered with or repaired by any source other than IMCO. If so, under no conditions, will IMCO honor the warranty.

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Model SKU00002
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