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Sound Advantage System OMC

PN: 02-8200

Sound Advantage System OMC

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Sound Advantage System OMC

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IMCO has spent hours engineering and developing this outstanding product. In testing this product, we have found that the propeller creates a vacuum through the propeller hub and wishbone, which is adequate for medium speeds, but for top speeds, more power is required, and better exhaust flow. Sound Advantage provides better flow, and more power with a touch of a switch for both big block and small block.

This system is unique because of its simplicity. Unlike other systems created by other manufactures that are either wide open or closed at all times, Sound Advantage can be opened to any position for any amount of exhaust flow and sound at any time. Our unique worm gear drive requires a 12-volt supply and an optional switch sold separately. All Sound Advantage systems for Mercruiser, IMCO Powerflow, and IMCO Stainless Steel Risers for Mercruiser are powder coated black. Exhaust tips sold separately.

Standard system for Mercruiser, IMCO Powerflow, Thumper Power, and IMCO Stainless Steel replacement riser pipes along with 02-8200 system for OMC are designed for large freeboard boats with 36" or taller from bottom of boat as pictured. Switch and exhaust tips sold separately. Please specify big block or small block when ordering.

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Model 02-8200
Manufacturer IMCO MARINE

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